Air and sea consolidation

International air transportation

Our company has been deeply engaged in the logistics industry for many years, and has established a close cooperative relationship with a number of airlines, and the price is more affordable. In Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming, Chengdu and other airports have contracted routes. Direct flight to the same day, the line is optional. Air special line can mail general goods, stable aging, reference time 5-8 working days, the same day extraction, as soon as 5 days!

International shipping

Our company has the carrier qualification, directly signed the shipping company, with Meison/star/Evergreen /cosco and other shipping companies in-depth cooperation, price concessions, transparency with the ship, its own strength of customs clearance title, with cooperation for many years mature customs brokers and clearance agents, control the declaration of goods, customs clearance names.


The company has many years of experience in the import and export of goods, relying on a strong and rigorous operating system, smooth network connection, reasonable allocation of resources, according to the specific situation of the goods and special requirements, to provide you with more professional, meticulous, fast, patient and thoughtful logistics and transportation services.