Terminal delivery

The company currently has 30 dock trailer trucks, 20 long-distance trucks, and 5 28-foot trucks.
Dock trailer, full container delivery: occupy the popular ports in the United States, support the United States terminal orders, on time and fast.

Tail trip card pie

Undertake Amazon warehouse and private address delivery, Walmart,ROSS, JC PENNY, chain department store delivery. Truck delivery is very reliable and safe, and there are almost no restrictions on the size and weight of the cargo. For the transportation of large, heavy or bulk goods, truck delivery is a particularly suitable option, and most importantly, the price is more affordable. According to the quantity of goods and the destination, we can provide you with different specifications of vehicles and different types of delivery programs. Amazon more than 200 warehouses, time is more guaranteed.

Express delivery

Our company cooperates with American express companies UPS/FEDEX/DHL/TNT, etc., and has its own invoice account. Express can cover most areas of the United States delivery, for remote FBA warehouses or private addresses is very convenient. Express delivery has real-time tracking information, if there is any problem with the package, it is faster to deal with.